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Principal | Financial Advisor

I am passionate about helping people make financial plans and manage their investments because doing this well creates opportunities in life. I am a career changer and entrepreneur myself.  I spent more than a decade in commercial construction assisting architects and contractors with building designs, but I wanted to do something more.  I wanted to work with people on a personal level and in a way that had a significant impact on their lives.  Because money is woven into everything we do, I recognized that helping others with their finances was the greatest way for me to make a difference.

So, I did for myself what I am offering to help you do: I created a financial plan and began investing money so that I could pursue the more meaningful career I wanted while continuing to take care of my family. Honeygo Financial is the realization of that pursuit and I invite you to learn more about what we offer.

Chris began his career as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch where he developed retirement plans for hundreds of clients and helped those he served to simplify their strategies and manage their investments.  He is a graduate of the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business and he holds a Master of Finance from Loyola University.  Chris and his family are life-long Marylanders, who enjoy traveling the country visiting new places and old friends.

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