We want to work with you regardless of how much you have to invest, so we structured our fees accordingly.  You choose what you want, whether it be investment management, financial planning, or a combination of both services.

Annual Advisory Fee Schedule

Investment Management

2.00% on the first $100K invested, then

1.00% on the next $100K invested, then

0.50% on each dollar invested above $200K

Financial Planning

Charged at $125 per hour when services are performed at your request;

but the fee is waived for clients with a total household balance of $150K or more

in managed investment accounts


When you first get started with our firm, a one-time fee of $500 will be charged to cover the costs of preliminary work and data collection.  The fee can be paid from your checking account, debit/credit card, or via a check.

There is no account minimum to engage in our Investment Management and fees are paid directly from your managed investment accounts.  By charging this way, our interests are aligned with yours and together we make money as your accounts grow in value.

Financial Planning is offered in 1-hour increments and fees can be paid from your checking account, debit/credit card, or via a check for one-time engagements.  This allows you to control your costs and have access to financial planning when you need it.

Our goal is to serve you for years to come, but if you change your mind or want to go in another direction, you can cancel our services at any time and without penalty by giving us 30 days’ notice.


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